Our world is a boundless mystery. And every day you can learn so many new things about him

One way to make life richer and more exciting is to stay curious and let your thirst for knowledge take over. After all, it is an inexhaustible source of energy and motivation!

interesting facts about the planet and people that you hardly knew before.

1. More living organisms can live on our skin than people on the entire planet.
2. The three richest families in the world have more assets than the 48 poorest countries.

3. Half of the Earth’s population (and according to some estimates, even two thirds) have never seen snow.

4. Everest is not the highest mountain on the planet. Of course, Everest is higher above sea level than any other mountain on Earth – 8848 m. But if we take the bottom of the ocean as a reference point, the highest mountain peak should be considered the shield volcano Mauna Kea in Hawaii. Its height above sea level is 4,207 m, but from the foot of the ocean floor is 10,203 m.

By the way, did you know that the height of Everest has officially increased recently? Scientists from China and Nepal have finally come to an agreement after years of dispute and determined that the mountain is actually higher than previously thought.

5. The driest place on Earth is in Antarctica. As strange as it sounds, some parts of the Antarctic McMurdo Valley have not seen precipitation for 2 million years.

6. The Rubik’s cube is the most sold product in the world. In second place is the iPhone.

7. It will take 1000 years to watch all the videos on YouTube.

8. The strongest muscle of the human body is the tongue.

9. A man is 6 times more likely to be struck by lightning than a woman.

10. If no dye was added to Coca-Cola, it would be green.

11. A four-year-old child on average asks 400 questions a day.

12. Cows can become true friends and feel separation pain if they are separated. They also understand when they are called names and can cry.

13. Half of all people who have reached the age of 65 in the history of mankind are still alive.

14. On the helmets of astronauts there is a special device to scratch the nose.

15. Each person has a higher chance of becoming president than winning the lottery. By the way, dying on the way to the lottery ticket is also more likely than winning.

More interesting facts

  • In Costa Rica, a fisherman found a crocodile wounded by a shot in the head, and went out of it, and then released it into the wild. But he did not want to part with a new friend, returned and went to bed on his porch. After that, they were friends for another 20 years. of the dolphins began to hide pieces of paper under a stone and tear them into smaller pieces in order to get more fish.
  • Brain scans of dogs show that not only do they love us back, they see us as their family 0 Source: 0 Source:
  • Roger Moore turned down the role of James Bond, including because the “Bond girls” were at least two times younger than him 0 Source: He was already over fifty, and they were all in their early twenties . “They were all like my granddaughters, and it was starting to get disgusting,” he explained.
  • Al Capone forced milk producers to put expiration dates on bottles. This happened after his niece was poisoned by stale milk 0 Source:
  • In India, a woman from a lower caste was not allowed to use her well by representatives of a higher caste. After that, her husband dug a well in 40 days, which became a source of water for the whole village 0 Source: named Henry Brown climbed into a box and mailed himself to a state where slavery was illegal. When he got out of the box, he was a free man 0 Source:
  • These are the “Jim twins”, a pair of identical twins separated at birth and given to different families 0 Source: Both were named James (Jim), were married first to women named Linda and secondly to women named Betty, and each had a dog named Toy. Both named their sons by the name of James Allan. The brothers met each other at the age of 39. 11. An octopus named Otto is famous for once turning off the lights in his aquarium by climbing onto its edge and shooting a jet of water at a bright lamp that annoyed him. and rearranged all the decorations in the aquarium from place to place, posing as an interior designer.
  • In 1963, an ancient vessel with seeds 2000 years old was found in Israel. In 2005, these seeds were planted and they sprouted – this is how the tree appeared on Earth again, which disappeared from its face almost 1800 years ago 0 Source: if he dies in some unforeseen circumstances and away from home.