Interesting facts about butterflies

Interesting facts about butterflies is a great opportunity to learn more about insects. They have an incomparable beauty, which is why many people hunt them with sap to get a closer look at these amazing creatures. Since ancient times, various peoples have associated them with love and rebirth.

So, before you the most interesting facts about butterflies.

18 interesting facts about butterflies

  1. The wingspan of the smallest butterfly, acetosia, is only 2 mm, while that of the largest, tizania agrippina, reaches 28 mm.
  2. Butterflies can be seen on every continent except Antarctica.
    Butterflies, like mosquitoes, by the way, feed through the proboscis (see interesting facts about mosquitoes).
  3. Currently, about 158,000 species of butterflies are known.
  4. Did you know that most butterflies prefer to be nocturnal?
  5. The butterfly eye consists of more than 1000 faceted elements.
  6. Butterflies have taste buds on their legs.
  7. An interesting fact is that some varieties of insects can reach speeds of up to 60 km / h.
  8. You may not have known, but butterflies don’t have a heart.
  9. In some Asian and South American states, butterflies are eaten.
  10. Scientists claim that there are still about 100,000 species of butterflies that are still not known to science.
  11. Some varieties of butterflies lay thousands of eggs during their short life, from which caterpillars hatch over time.
  12. The vast majority of butterflies, like many other insects (see interesting facts about insects), are afraid of water. However, the lilac moth, when falling into the water, can safely emerge from it and continue on its way.
  13. Butterflies can only distinguish 3 colors – yellow, green and red.

  1. It is curious that the cabbage butterfly has a fantastic fertility. If all the offspring of one such butterfly survived, so many of its descendants would be born in a year that their mass would be 3 times greater than the weight of the entire population on the planet.
  2. The coloration of many butterflies allows them to camouflage themselves in their environment, which helps them hide from predators.
  3. In China, these creatures are a symbol of love and immortality.
  4. Many famous people were engaged in collecting butterflies, including Vladimir Nabokov, Mikhail
  5. Bulgakov, Nikolai Bukharin and others. At the same time, the owner of the largest collection in the world is the banker Walter Rothschild. Over the years of his life, he managed to collect approximately 2,250,000 specimens of butterflies.